Happy 2017! This is the Year the World Comes to Annapolis

We hope you had a great holiday and are excited to join us this year for the 5O5 World Championships in Annapolis.  We are now up to more than 350 followers on this list which portends well for our attendance September 20-29.  We wanted to provide you with an update on how things are coming to make sure you are in the loop

Communication: As the details of racing, on shore activities, transportation, and accommodations starts rolling in, you can expect to see more of these e-mails to make sure you are always up to date.  Be sure to check our website which has just undergone some significant upgrades with new information added on Annapolis and the region.  We have also set up a dedicated e-mail at 505worlds2017@gmail.com for individual questions or feedback you might have.  Also, be sure to follow us on @5O5worlds2017 and on Facebook

NOR: The Notice of Race (NOR) is nearly complete and will be coming out shortly.  We will announce the NOR on this e-mail list and as many other outlets a we can.  This includes our new Twitter handle @5O5worlds2017 where we would love to have you follow us and get up to the minute information.  

Accommodations: As part of the NOR announcement, we will also be sharing out information on local accommodations.  Our Worlds Management team has a dedicated accommodations lead, Mary-Sophia Smith, who is arranging for blocks of hotels at various price ranges in the area.  In addition, she will have links to local vacation rentals and AirBNBs.  We do plan to provide free billeting for a very limited number of competitors and you will be able to request housing during registration.  Priority for free housing will be giving to younger teams and only for those who have paid.

Boat Charters: We have had some requests for information on 5O5 boat charters.  We will be sharing out information on boat charters as it becomes available, but please know that these opportunities will be limited.

Container Logistics: Michael Renda is our management team's lead on container logistics and he would like to ask for all national teams to designate a lead representative.  Your national representative will be responsible for mobilizing container transport on your end and then coordinating with Mike for delivery here in Annapolis.  There will be a space within short walking distance to SSA and EYC where containers will be used for unloading, storage, and loading.  Please have your national team's designee e-mail Mike at michaelrenda@gmail.com

Racing in the Annapolis Area: With the World Championships coming to the Chesapeake Bay, we have received numerous requests for more information on 5O5 regattas in the area.  Annapolis is in "Region Two" of the American 5O5 Section and you can always view our regional calendar here.  As you will see, the Worlds has prompted three additional regattas this year, two in the Chesapeake Bay.  

Promotional Video: We are grateful to our friends at T2P.TV for helping us put together a promotional video for the World Championships which you can view down below or at the website.

Bryan Richardson
Regatta Manager